Top 5 facility management mistakes you’re probably making

Facility management mistakes

We believe that we have something in common with you — all of us want to optimize your company’s facility management. So we feel it’s our responsibility to warn you of 5 facility management mistakes that you might be overlooking… and that might be putting a question mark over your ability as a manager. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Not using appropriate software

No-one should be a judge in their own case — at least according to popular wisdom — so we won’t be talking about our particular software. But be it Infraspeak or some other CMMS, staying in the past and resisting customizable maintenance software is a fatal mistake. Not just because it helps keep your schedule organized, but also because it provides you with reports and data about the entire assembly line. Which brings us to…

2. Not basing your decisions on hard data

One of the biggest facility management mistakes is to base your decisions on your intuition or on your experience. With the help of the appropriate software, you can control your inventory in real time, track each work order and monitor trends. Together with various maintenance indicators, you can improve management on the basis of hard data and avoid shots in the dark.

3. Not controlling inventory

We can’t stress this enough: you need organized information in real time. Not tracking inventory is an unforgivable facility management mistake that invariably translates into long repair times. Which, in turn, translates into huge costs with emergency shipments, huge breakdown times, profit loss and… we don’t need to continue describing this snowball, do we?

4. Disregarding employee input

A company is like a team, where the manager is the coach. If you’re neglecting the team spirit and discrediting your employees’ input, that’s definitely a big mistake. You need your employees to report the daily ongoings of the company back to you. Not to mention, they’re always the first ones to detect any problems! So, let your employees report failures easily and promote mutual support.

5. Separating preventive maintenance from predictive maintenance

This is still a controversial issue: should you invest in preventive maintenance or in predictive maintenance? The biggest mistake maintenance managers make starts right here. It’s not a question of one or the other: they go hand in hand. Prepare a maintenance plan that integrates both and evaluate which solution provides the best cost-benefit for different equipment. 

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