5 ways to increase productivity in Housekeeping

5 ways to increase productivity in housekeeping

Housekeeping is the main responsible for the satisfaction of a guest in the hotel. In charge of the cleaning and organization of the rooms, the work of the Housekeeping team has a direct impact on the image of the establishment.

No customer likes to arrive at a hotel and find the place where he will rest with lack of cleanliness, organization, or deficiencies in the equipment that he intends to use.

To ensure that everything goes well and that standards are respected, it is important to adopt well-defined procedures for the maintenance and cleaning of rooms.

To guarantee that this doesn’t become too costly for both the team and the managers, there are automated tools that ensure compliance with every step of the housekeeping routine while giving dynamism and increasing productivity.

Get to know five ways to increase productivity in Housekeeping by using automated hotel management tools:

1.   Quick access to the task list

An automated and easy-to-access list allows the housekeeping team greater agility in everyday tasks, knowing exactly what to do and where. Recurring activities, such as room checklists, can be easily reached in mobile applications integrated into a management platform.

2.   Planned agenda

Besides room checklists, the systematic routines of the housekeeping team can be integrated with automated management tools and ensure their periodic compliance, without oblivion or communication failures.

3.  Consumption and stock easier to manage

Controlling the stock of products used in housekeeping routines is one of the responsibilities of this team. This becomes easier if the software and the operations management platform allow the workers to inform the consumption during the work execution, relating directly to the stock available in the program.

4. Agility in reporting failures

When housekeeping has a more agile way of reporting a failure found in a room, it automatically speeds up the communication process between all agents (reception and maintenance department). This ensures a more quickly failure resolution, reducing the number of unavailable rooms for maintenance reasons.

5. Better communication with other staff

Simplified and automated reporting of failures is critical to maintaining the smooth running of the hotel. And this is only possible with good communication between teams. Housekeeping can quickly report the maintenance of a fused bulb in a room through an automated platform, without depending on the memory of the colleague passing the corridor, or of paperwork orders delivered to the manager.

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