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Our Vision

Be source of good life!

At Infraspeak we believe in simplicity as the ultimate way to make work and life quality better.

Everything we do must be simpler, smarter and source of good life for our customers, employees, partners, families and friends.

We believe technology should work for people, and never the opposite, so we work hard every day to create the most powerful and user-friendly technologies to automate, speed up and simplify the overflow of tasks and information our customers have to deal with every day.

Better maintenance. Better life. Be source of good life.

Our Team

Felipe Ávila da Costa
Felipe Ávila da CostaFounder & CEO
Luís Martins
Luís MartinsFounder & CTO
Abel Costa
Abel CostaCountry Manager · Brazil
Duarte Silva
Duarte SilvaCustomer Development Lead
Gonçalo Queirós
Gonçalo QueirósSoftware Engineer
João Pedro Ribeiro
João Pedro RibeiroSoftware Engineer
Júlio Rodrigues
Júlio RodriguesCountry Manager Portugal
Lívia Stroschoen
Lívia StroschoenMarketing & Content Lead
Manuel Ramos
Manuel RamosCustomer Success Lead
Pedro Costa
Pedro CostaSoftware Engineer
Ricardo Ferreira
Ricardo FerreiraFrontend Developer
Rúben Santos
Rúben SantosCustomer Success Manager
Rui Santos Couto
Rui Santos CoutoMarketeer in Residence
EddieMaintenance Puppy

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South America Office

Rua Nivaldo Dias 183, sala 401.
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