Advantages of Maintenance Management Software

Maintenance Management Software

All maintenance technicians know that managing infrastructures, from places to equipment, is a time consuming and complex process. Fortunately, there are management tools that promise to make the daily work of these professionals much simpler and more organized.

Whatever the business area we are talking about, the level of customer satisfaction must be measured over time by its global experience, not just in an isolated moment, with a unique focus on the product. In this scenario, it is important to optimize the processes to make the consumer experience unforgettable, whether in retail, hospitality, catering, health services, among many others.

Next, we analyze in detail the Advantages of Maintenance Management Software, this means, how it can make the difference and make the work of technicians and maintenance managers much easier and smarter:

  • Centralized information

The goal is to bring together everything that is needed to manage or execute the work in a single tool, 100% digital. It is the end of constant exchange of paper sheets – as companies become more environmentally friendly -, countless Excel files, emails, and calls that are often unnecessary. In addition, it is possible to file and access, in an easy and organized way, all the technical and legal documentation of the equipment.

  • Easier communication

Maintenance Management Software allows for a greater and better flow of communication between the entire team and optimization of resources. It should provide an application where technicians, users, and even customers can report failures, anytime, from anywhere. In a hotel, for example, the guest experience mainly depends on the speed of response to operational issues.

In addition, the chat feature allows all staff to exchange messages (and ideas) with each other, always with the goal of improving the end-user experience. Learn more about communication in infrastructure maintenance and management here.

  • Flexibility

Systems like Infraspeak are adaptable to every team, every business and every stage of operations development. The work is divided by modules, which can be added to the base system from the online store. From management of requisitions to economic analysis or addition of digital signatures, there are numerous tools that can be incorporated according to the needs of each client.

  • Increased productivity

With Maintenance Management Software you can access detailed reports and practical and valuable indicators of the operations and costs of the business. In addition, Preventive Maintenance of equipment can be planned and executed, automating periodic inspections and avoiding high expenses with unpredictable repairs. This extends the life cycle of equipment and reduces the overall costs of operations.

  • Technology working for the service

NFC tags are used to identify and monitor equipment and its operations, in real time, and from anywhere. This is a proximity technology, which does not require cables or wires, and allows an easy exchange of information between devices.

  • Mobility

Systems such as Infraspeak are available in the web version with the manager interface, and in the mobile version. All information is easy and quick to access and is available literally in the palm of your hand through smartphones. To do this, simply bring them closer to the NFC tag placed on the equipment, which also automatically records the presence of the technician on the spot.

  • Ease of use

An intuitive, user friendly, easy-to-adapt platform that promises to charm all users – even those most averse to change -, are some of the promises and advantages of Maintenance Management Software.

  • Distribution of tasks

The goal is for the manager to be able to follow the maintenance team’s schedule in detail, track their responsibilities and tasks, and distribute the work accordingly. There is no information lost and the task lists are very clear and accessible.

  • Reduced costs

Systems like Infraspeak allow making a rigorous and detailed management of costs, purchases, and inventory. In addition, as we all know, “time is money”, so all the previous points, which aim to optimize the maintenance tasks of the professionals of the area and the end consumer experience, contribute, directly and positively, to the management and control of expenditure.


To check in detail how Maintenance Management Software such as Infraspeak can help a particular business, click here.

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