Prepare technical assistance for Audits

Audits in Technical Assistance Works

Those who work with large retail clients know the “headache” that the period of external audits symbolize. Each piece of equipment is analyzed and it is requested specific data and measurements, performance reports, comparative tables, registration of non-conformities, etc.

The ultimate goal is more than noble and meets the mission of technical assistance: ensuring full compliance of equipment and places and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

But there are so many things to do and to accomplish that the technical service manager gets overwhelmed when asked to collect them. In addition to his normal administrative routine, he needs to dedicate time and attention to this documentation, without forgetting any detail that could compromise the service provided, not only by the company but also by his own client.

In this scenario, it is imperative that the technical assistance search for tools that facilitate the process and automate operations. With preventive maintenance plans centralized and properly parameterized, it is easier to extract the measurements of each piece of equipment and other information needed by external auditors.

The history of interventions and equipment performance is also important for the auditors’ analysis. In Infraspeak, for example, NFC tags centralize this information and technical service workers can read the results to the auditor on time.

Another way to anticipate external audits is to create internal auditing processes. By using a checklist system with questions and answers that indicate whether or not the equipment or place is compliant, a numerical scale for measurements, among others, it is possible for the technical assistance to conduct audits as part of the preventive maintenance of their customers.

All this to ensure that the standards of the service offered to the final customer are in accordance with the purposes of the company and that the product/ service provided always has a high-quality level. Whether it is a store, restaurant, or any other place.

Infraspeak now offers an Audit application. Get to know the features here.

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