Benefits of conducting an audit with an automation software

Audits software

An audit is performed to ensure that a particular product or service meets all established rules and standards. It is traditionally a complex and time consuming process, so all the help to simplify its planning, execution and analysis is welcome. With this in mind, we have gathered the main benefits of conducting an audit with an automation software.

Auditing is typically a resource whose basic function is to support the management of the organization and to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of processes – from safety to hygiene issues, for example. It can be done internally or by external entities, which are responsible for ensuring compliance of all stages of the service offered to the client.

How can automation software help in this process?

With the support of automation software such as Infraspeak, audits become much easier. Simply create questions, assign weights to each answer, create an “Audit” type – plan or cycle – and analyze the report that automatically generates the results as a percentage and/or absolute value. Paperwork, archive tasks and complex information exchanges, or endless Excel sheets are no longer needed.

In addition to creating multiple-choice questions, you can select pre-defined choices and automate failures reporting based on the technician’s answers. For example, if the question is “Are all air conditioners working?” or “Are all the lamps working?” and the answer is “no”, a failure is opened automatically in the system.

From a qualitative perspective, internal quality audits are an indispensable change agent for those who coordinate operations and identify opportunities to remove unnecessary activities or that are not carried out in the most productive way. And in practice, for technicians in the field, little or nothing changes with automation software. The steps in the audit process are similar to traditional ones, with only optimized logistics.

It should also be noted that it is possible to carry out place or equipment audits, guaranteeing the quality and conformity of services and, after all, customer satisfaction.

In addition to this internal support, automation software such as Infraspeak enables you to produce reports and documents that help you control quality and obtain and maintain certifications and legal regulations, such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). It is possible to consult all these files, in a simple, digital and unique platform, whenever requested by external auditors.

Automation software can support both internal and external audits. If, on the one hand, it helps to ensure the smooth run of operations and to manage activities, data and processes more simply and intuitively, on the other, it helps the organization to be better prepared for external evaluations.

The main goal e is to ensure total customer satisfaction by optimizing operations on a user friendly and results-focused platform where you can continually compare actual results with optimal results.

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