How to improve Hotel Maintenance duties?

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In addition to the quality of the facilities, it is up to the maintenance team to perform a wide range of tasks that help ensure the run of the operations and therefore result in happier and more pleasing customers. For this reason, and to simplify the technicians' daily work, we have listed some points that will help answer the question: How to improve hotel maintenance duties?

Advantages and disadvantages of Corrective Maintenance

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Conducting effective maintenance on equipment is essential, whether your company is big or small and regardless the industry we are talking about. In this article we outline the advantages and disadvantages of Corrective Maintenance to help you get a better understanding of what’s available to your business and if/when it might fit your needs better.

5 biggest challenges in 2018 for HVAC companies

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HVAC business has changed the way buildings are designed, constructed, and occupied. In their turn, technology and electronics evolution have reshaped how these systems are installed, how they operate, and how they are maintained. We have gathered the 5 biggest HVAC companies challenges in 2018 and set some tips to facilitate the work of the technicians and the run of operations.