7 ways to increase Hotel Maintenance Management

2018-02-21T18:57:52+00:00 By |Hotel Management|

The maintenance team in a hotel is often responsible for the quality of services and processes that support the business. The main goal is to always find new and more efficient practices that can optimize the work operations and improve the global satisfaction of the customers. With these points in mind, we’ve gathered seven tips that will help to increase maintenance management in hotels.

Advantages of Preventive Maintenance

2018-08-09T17:23:55+00:00 By |Maintenance|

The maintenance plan is a fundamental part of the routines of any efficient infrastructure. Get to know its features and advantages of Preventive Maintenance. What is Preventive Maintenance? Preventive maintenance is a set of interventions carried out to prevent the occurrence of failures and to monitor the performance of the operation. Preventive work is performed [...]

How to conduct an audit?

2017-11-17T12:56:57+00:00 By |Infrastructure Management, Retail|

Audits are part of the routine of several companies to guarantee the quality and conformity of their products and/or services. They involve systematic processes of control, inspections, measurements, among other factors that can be complex to manage, and even more complicated to analyze if we do not have the right tools. Audits are mainly aimed [...]