Advantages of Preventive Maintenance

2017-12-21T18:03:05+00:00 By |Maintenance|

The maintenance plan is a fundamental part of the routines of any efficient infrastructure. Get to know its features and advantages of Preventive Maintenance. What is Preventive Maintenance? Preventive maintenance is a set of interventions carried out to prevent the occurrence of failures and to monitor the performance of the operation. Preventive work is performed [...]

Challenges faced when planning operations in complex teams

2017-09-06T16:58:02+00:00 By |Maintenance|

Managing big maintenance teams is a constant challenge. Assuring team efficiency demands dealing with complex tasks that involve work assignment, stock management, technicians on the go, customer relationships, people management and many other major issues. In this scenario, reducing the administrative workload is paramount to free up managers time and allow them to focus on [...]

Hotel with less than 80 rooms: Do I need a Maintenance Management Software?

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Hotel managers, independently of the number of rooms under management, face the daily challenge of ensuring that guests are satisfied and keeping operational failures from negatively impacting their experience. Thus, hotel maintenance requires special and constant attention. To overcome that daily challenge, hotel managers need a great team, appropriate tools, reliable infrastructure support and efficient [...]

How to do preventive maintenance in hotels?

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Performing preventive maintenance in the hotel industry implies a thorough knowledge of all equipment and installations, key areas of intervention, as well as the flow of hotel guests. Among the types of existing maintenance, preventive maintenance is an essential tool in the hands of the manager. Preventive maintenance aims to antecipate the occurrence of failures [...]

Understanding hotel maintenance management

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The main purpose of an hotel’s maintenance department is to ensure the good conservation and perfect functioning of its facilities and equipment, without losses or interruptions. Valuable information brings a competitive advantage to any enterprise since it influences decision making, enables knowledge acquisition and foresees business issues. Moreover, organized information is essential for efficient hotel [...]

Which failures are most common in a Hotel and how to manage them?

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In a daily routine, Hotel managers have to deal with tens of failures, what represents a high maintenance cost and impact on guest experience. Equipment used in hotel units are going through major improvements over the years. They are becoming more automated and complex, and usage is constantly intensifying. They usually are expensive or imply [...]