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Build Your Own Infraspeak

More than a maintenance software, Infraspeak is a technical operations platform that totally adapts to you and your needs.

Get to know our interfaces

Manager Interface

Infraspeak’s web interface, where managers centralize all their daily work through Infraspeak’s modules.

Infraspeak Mobile

All our platform’s power at your fingertips wherever you are.

Infraspeak Direct

Allow your customers or staff to report failures directly to your system in a simple platform.

NFC Tags

Identify all your equipment with NFC tags and validate technicians’ presence next to it on every intervention.

Start with Infraspeak: Basic Apps

Corrective Maintenance

Report and solve every failure in a timely and effective fashion to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Asset Management

Keep track of the status, issues and economic information of all your assets.

Building Management

Manage all your buildings and locations in a single platform.


Stay on top of your team’s maintenance responsibilities and plan their workload accordingly.


Access insightful and actionable indicators of your business costs and operations.

“Infraspeak’s offline mode is a huge advantage in locations with poor network coverage.”

– Raquel Ribeiro, Opertec

Move forward in your technical operations management: Premium Apps

Preventive Maintenance

Plan all your maintenance routines easily to focus your time and energy on execution and analysis.


Plan and conduct audits in a simple way to increase quality control over in your operations.


Housekeeping operations management made simpler, more integrated and more standardized, making hotel management even easier.

Special Works

Easily plan, assign and oversee the execution of special works like installations or refurbishments.


Streamline failure solving and answer technicians’ requests in a single module that centralizes all information.

Infraspeak Planner

A planner developed for complex teams with busy managers.

Stock Management

Manage your company’s stock and plan your material procurement on time.

Order Management

Level-up your purchasing process by optimizing the ordering of all items, services and the acquisition from external suppliers.

Cost Management

Lower your costs and improve your budgeting capabilities by staying on top of your maintenance spending.

Advanced Document Management

Save and easily access your equipment’s technical and legal documentation.

Economic Analysis

Make better economic decisions by keeping track of maintenance costs and financial information for each equipment.


Guarantee an extra layer of trust to all interventions by adding a signature to the corresponding reports.

Do you need more?

Integrations & API

Leverage your tool stack by integrating different systems with Infraspeak through our API

Sensors – IoT

Automate measurements and failure reporting by integrating our platform with IoT sensors.

On Demand

Infraspeak is in continuous development and we love customer feedback. Let us know of any critical features we are missing. We’re ready to fully fulfill your needs!

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