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Asset Management

Control in a single page all the information, status,
tasks and failures associated to your assets.

Gestão de Ativos

Everything in a single location

Infraspeak’s Asset Management module enables managers to easily access, in a few clicks, all information about their equipment and sites. From technical sheets and other documentation to certificates, failure and visit history, associated maintenance plans, measurement records, past interventions, everything is in a single page.

Simplified reporting

With all information centralized in the Asset Management module, it is easy to export a full activity report of a site or equipment. This way, managers can quickly access any information they need about the performance of the maintenance team and the behaviour of specific assets.

Tailor everything to your needs

The Asset Management interface lists information in a customizable way. You can build the most efficient display according to your needs and guarantee that you see what matter the most for your daily management activites.

Customize the technical sheet of each asset

Every equipment under management in Infraspeak owns a technical sheet configured and filled out by you. Choose which equipment information is useful and build your own Infraspeak in the way that best adapts to you. For instants, you can add equipment pictures, technical specs, associated certificates and warranties, expiration dates, and so on.

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