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Plan, perform and analyze the audits of your operations in Infraspeak.


Standardization of services

Guarantee the quality of your services and customer satisfaction with the audits. Always keep the reports updated with the current status of operations.

Quality control, certifications and regulations

Infraspeak audits are the best way to ensure compliance of all stages of the service offered to the customer. They produce reports and documents that help in obtaining and maintaining certifications and legal regulations such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).

Easy to create

Just make a list of questions and their respective possible answers, assigning a score to each answer. You can also choose from the predefined options.

Automation in nonconformities

In case the results of the audits are in nonconformity, define ‘automatic failures generation’ and make reporting even easier.

Much faster audits results

After completing the audit through the mobile application, Infraspeak automatically calculates the result, either in percentage (e.g. 93%) or in absolute value (e.g. 372 points in 400), generating a specific report.

Available in the following interfaces

> Indicators

> Requests

> Infraspeak Planner

> Stock Management

> Order Management

> Cost Management

> Document Management

> Economic Analysis

> Signature

> Integrations & API

> Sensors – IoT

> On Demand