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Building Management

Infraspeak’s building management module enables managers to organize
infrastructures and simplify both identification and traceability of their assets.

Building Management

Easily organize buildings and sites

The Building Management module is organized under a tree-system, like the folders in your laptop’s hard drive.
Both the type and amount of buildings, folders and sites are completely customizable during Infraspeak’s setup according to the needs of each manager.

Assign a responsible for each building

Each building and site can have associated responsibles, who are Infraspeak users that have their tasks linked to it. In a hotel, for instants, a maintenance technician and a housekeeping worker can be both assigned as responsibles for a room.

Structure that eases up reporting

Having buildings and sites properly tagged, makes it simpler for the maintenance team to know precisely where each reported failure is located. The more detailed your Building Management tree-system is, the faster it is to access a specific site.

Detailed reporting for each building

Another big advantage of using the Building Management module is being able to get a full report on the interventions executed inside each building. In the web interface, managers can check real-time information about corrective and preventive maintenance, stock management, costs, productivity, etc.

Available in the following interfaces

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> Infraspeak Planner

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> Order Management

> Cost Management

> Document Management

> Economic Analysis

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