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Corrective Maintenance

Infraspeak’s corrective maintenance module manages failure
records, prioritization, resolution and reporting.

Available in the following interfaces

Standard failures for more accurate reporting

Failure classification into different types and fields is essential to optimize reporting.
While standardising failures, like a defective air-conditioning system, it is recommended to use the same type: Failure field “HVAC” and failure type “Air-Conditioner does not get cold”. This way you eliminate the risk of overlapping failures and unclear naming.

Automated technician assignment

According to its type, failures get automatically assigned to the most appropriate technician. For instance, when adding a failure in the electricity system, it is automatically assigned to an electrician.

Fast reporting by every user

Failure reporting can be carried out by any Infraspeak user inside your organization. While housekeeping teams, company staff, technical assistance customers, among other users, report failures through Infraspeak Direct, managers and technicians use their working interfaces.

Easily organize failures

Both managers and technicians can check categorized and screened failures in their dedicated interfaces, according to their needs, and mark them as solved. For instance, if a technician needs to check open failures in a specific building, all he has to do is access the list of failures in Infraspeak’s app and filter it by location.

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