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Infraspeak makes housekeeping operations in the hotel industry
much more integrated and standardized.


Checklists and to-do lists in the palm of your hand

With Infraspeak mobile app, the housekeeping team can access the to-do lists at each location, and the top managers can check the status of the operations at any time.

Technology working for housekeeping

The mobile application and the NFC tags make the tasks of the housekeeping team much easier, since to do their job and follow the checklist they only need a mobile phone.

Failures reporting by Infraspeak Direct

The housekeeping team and the other hotel staff can access Infraspeak Direct, a failures reporting interface, in its web and mobile version.

Best experience for housekeeping staff and guest

Guest requests can be directly reported on Infraspeak, which speeds up the resolution process and optimizes customer satisfaction.

Direct communication with maintenance

Whether through Infraspeak Direct or the mobile application, the housekeeping team can instantly report any failure to the maintenance team during the execution of their tasks.

Integration with other systems

Infraspeak API allows the integration of the platform with another that is already used by the hotel, such as reservations management. In this way, you can centralize operations and optimize results.

Available in the following interfaces

> Indicators

> Requests

> Infraspeak Planner

> Stock Management

> Order Management

> Cost Management

> Document Management

> Economic Analysis

> Signature

> Integrations & API

> Sensors – IoT

> On Demand