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Infraspeak Direct

Infraspeak Direct is our platform’s failure reporting interface.
Every staff member, from housekeeping to clerks and guards, and even customers, can quickly report failures
directly to your platform either through a web page or mobile app available for both Android and iOS.

Infraspeak Direct

Meant for the whole team

All your staff members, from receptionists to clerks and even your customers can use Infraspeak Direct. With easy access and simple reporting, it reduces the administrative burden by decentralizing failure reporting.

Fast and accurate reporting

Previously set categories and types for failures make reporting through Infraspeak Direct simple and efficient by eliminating double meanings and unclear labelling.

Works in every device

Infraspeak Direct has a web and a mobile version. The mobile app works in Android devices, where it is also possible to report through NFC tags, as well as in iPhones and iPads.

Exchange messages through Infraspeak Direct

Technicians and Infraspeak Direct users can exchange messages through the platform. When reporting a failure that needs specific details or specs, users can easily write a message and pass this information to technicians without leaving the platform.

Check failures status and scheduled interventions

Infraspeak Direct also provides reports on the status of both open and solved failures, as well as information on upcoming preventive maintenance interventions.

Available in the following interfaces
Disponível no Google Play

> Indicators

> Requests

> Infraspeak Planner

> Stock Management

> Order Management

> Cost Management

> Document Management

> Economic Analysis

> Signature

> Integrations & API

> Sensors – IoT

> On Demand