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Infraspeak Mobile App

Infraspeak’s Mobile App enables technicians to check their agenda,
task lists, equipment information, and much more, on the palm of their hands.

Infraspeak Mobile

Control all your equipment with NFC technology

Infraspeak’s smartphones access all equipment information in real-time just by bringing them close to the NFC tags. This also records the technician’s presence next to the equipment, that can be used as a key indicator of his daily performance.

All information centralized

Each technician has everything he needs to perform his daily routines in the palm of his hand: work schedule, list of failures to solve, preventive tasks to execute, direct contact with managers through an internal messaging system, and much more.

Details about each equipment

Infraspeak’s Mobile App arms technicians with every information they need about each equipment and site: technical sheets, certificates and other documents, intervention history, measurement records, instruction manuals, pictures, asset location, associated failures, among other data. This way, it gets easier to perform maintenance routines and keep complete and accurate records on assets and interventions.

Failure reporting

Besides managers and customers, also technicians can report failures. Using the Mobile App and the NFC tags, technicians can report a failure and instantly associate it to an equipment or site.

Simplified report generation

All activity logged by technicians in Infraspeak’s Mobile App is easily reported. For managers, this means increased reliability on asset maintenance according to plans and agreements. For technicians, it stands for increased productivity by effortlessly informing managers about all the work they do.

Offline Mode

Infraspeak’s Mobile App also works offline. This is very useful for teams which work in sites with poor to no network coverage, like basements and remote locations.

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