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NFC Tags

Identify all your equipment in Infraspeak with our NFC tags
to validate technicians’ presence in every intervention.

NFC Tags

Stay ahead of your competitors with NFC technology

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, a wireless data transfer technology that enables devices near each other to communicate in a safe and convenient way. Both Infraspeak’s NFC tags and smartphones are equipped with this technology, allowing technicians to learn everything about an asset just by bringing touching the tag with the smartphone.

Better visibility

NFC tags don’t depend on visibility conditions to be read. Therefore, they can be used both in very enlightened environments as well as in the dark, like basements and garages.

Bigger lifespan

Bar codes and QR codes are exposed to abrasion and colour loss, making them harder to read. In contrast, NFC tags have a hugely larger durability: their lifespan is 10 thousand readings, what represents 27 years when reading a tag every day.

Ensuring technicians presence

NFC tags assure you that technicians are next to the equipment. Both QR codes and bar codes can easily be photographed and replicated.

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