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Preventive Maintenance

Easy and intuitive planning of your infrastructure’s Preventive Maintenance in Infraspeak.

Manutenção Preventiva

Easily create multiple work orders

With Infraspeak’s Preventive Maintenance module you can simultaneously define plans to multiple equipment, categorized by:
Building or Site, Equipment Type; Equipment; Supplier and Technician.

Preventive Work Plans: details and real-time tracking

Preventive Maintenance plans are detailed by each intervention and automatically give you work duration estimates, as well as allow managers to track execution in real time. This way, there is better understanding of the availability of technicians and therefore, better team management.

Preventive Maintenance KPI’s

Infraspeak’s Preventive Maintenance module allows to create, follow and export data regarding plans, empowering the manager with a summary of activities, as well as its completion and status.

Cost Management for each Preventive intervention

Preventive Maintenance costs are closely tracked to better understand return on investment. That is why it is so useful for managers to observe the costs incurred with every intervention through this module.

Better organized and easier to manage calendars and schedules

It is very fast for technicians and managers to check scheduled works and pending tasks by visualizing our Preventive Maintenance work calendar.

Automated Report Creation

This module automatically creates documents related to Preventive Maintenance plans, like work orders, equipment lists, intervention reports, meterings, and more.

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