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Special Works

For the needs that don’t relate to Preventive Maintenance or failures,
there is the special works module.

Building Management

Track installations, remodeling or other services

Works involving third parties, such as remodeling buildings or equipment installations, fit in Infraspeak special works and can be managed in the same way as the other operations carried out internally.

Real-time management and expense tracking

Infraspeak also generates special works reports and registers the costs of the associated interventions.

Easier planning

As with Preventive Maintenance, you should follow the planning of operations to create the special works. This process aims to ensure that no steps are skipped and that the most appropriate parameters and categories are being used.

Define who’s in charge

The special works management also requires that certain technicians remain responsible for the service, even if the process involves outsourced companies.

Supervise operations by the calendar

With the special works module it is possible to supervise the execution in the same way as in the other operations. In addition, you can organize and distribute tasks using the calendar.

Available in the following interfaces

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