How much does Hotel Maintenance weight in your budget?

hotel maintenance


The need for hotel maintenance has followed the industry’s growth trend.

Over the past few years we have seen an increasing number of people travelling within or across borders,
resulting in a higher demand for accommodation and extra responsibility for hotel managers.

Simply put, a hotel can be defined as a collective use facility dedicated to offer a wide range of accomodation services to its hosts.

From basic “bed and breakfast” to luxurious resorts, these facilities include equipment ranging from rooms and a lobby to pools, gyms, restaurants and even spas.


But how important is hotel maintenance?

Regardless of an hotel’s size, service quality ranks as a top concern for every hotel manager.

While pleasing hosts with welcome gifts, staff friendliness and permanent support is undoubtedly an excellent way of guaranteeing their satisfaction and return, hotel managers concerns go far beyond that.

When choosing to stay in your hotel, guests set several expectations that must be fulfilled. Hot water, proper heating and electricity are basic amenities you should provide 100% of the time but every day several issues arise.

That is when hotel maintenance comes into play. Even if bookings and occupancy rates are your biggest focus, effective facility management and maintenance underlie good service.

Today, hotels are paying closer attention to preventive maintenance and how it impacts their ability to provide top notch experiences to their guests.

Poor facility management and unorganized maintenance deeply undermines hotels profitability.

On top of that, the costs associated to poor hotel maintenance represent a big financial burden. Just consider the impact an unexpected failure can have in your budget and add the extra cost of impacting hosts satisfaction.

The benefits of preventive maintenance vs. corrective maintenance go far beyond cost predictability and savings. It directly impacts your guests’ satisfaction.


How much does maintenance weights in a hotel’s budget?

According to public data, costs related to maintain technical facilities like HVAC equipment, fire alarms, electrical systems and security, can reach 60% of hotels operating costs.

Regarding the weight of maintenance in your hotel’s budget, a thoughtful investment on understanding your facilities, equipment and team capabilities is vital.

Hotel maintenance costs include both corrective and preventive maintenance and while they will always represent a cost, hotel managers must see them as an investment, not as another expense.

Maintenance is a critical part of the hospitality sector’s activity and putting in place efficient preventive maintenance operations is one of the most effective cost-reduction drivers.

To tackle these issues, an increasing number of hotel managers and facility managers are looking for holistic but simple software solutions that enable them to flawlessly manage maintenance operations and reduce operational costs.




Hotel Maintenance Software

Today, effective maintenance operations can give you a competitive advantage over your competitors by allowing you to offer more while spending less.

In fact, hotel maintenance software can help you to efficiently manage a wide range of moving parts in your business from cleaning and housekeeping to the reception desk.

By speeding up failure resolution through improved communication, Infraspeak arms you with simple and effective hotel maintenance operations, resulting in satisfied guests and increased profitability.

Infraspeak Direct is a simple and intuitive platform that enables your staff to report issues directly to the system from their desktop, tablet or smartphone.

With Infraspeak you are able to:

  • Stay on top of maintenance activities and your team’s agenda;
  • Manage corrective maintenance activities;
  • Create and manage preventive maintenance plans;
  • Assign, track and prioritize work orders;
  • Report and solve failures on time;
  • Track your inventory;
  • Access automated reports to help you planning your maintenance budget


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