Understanding hotel maintenance management

Maintenance management in hotel sector
The main purpose of an hotel’s maintenance department is to ensure the good conservation and perfect functioning of its facilities and equipment, without losses or interruptions.

Valuable information brings a competitive advantage to any enterprise since it influences decision making, enables knowledge acquisition and foresees business issues. Moreover, organized information is essential for efficient hotel maintenance. To offer excellent service, hotels need efficient maintenance management, which can be simplified by having organized data.

The Importance of having organized information in corrective maintenance

Every corrective maintenance intervention in a hotel should be registered to help identifying the failure’s source. Recording these interventions allows hotels to correct operational procedures, to identify the improper or excessive use of equipment, among other factors that are responsible for consecutive failures.

Organizing corrective maintenance organization helps to accelerate processes and to improve guests satisfaction.

Housekeeping as a support to corrective maintenance

Housekeeping has a direct impact on customer experience. They are usually the first to spot failures, by having straight access to the rooms, equipment, and guests. Until now, this kind of failures was reported in a paper after the end of the shifts, but with innovative solutions like Infraspeak, the housekeeping team can report failures immediately, speeding up the resolution process.

On top of this, Infraspeak can improve guests satisfaction since they arrive at the hotel, as receptionists can also see if a specific room still unavailable because of a failure, booking the guest to another one.

With Infraspeak, housekeeping and maintenance team can now access this information organized in a single place, therefore enjoying optimized communication and improved guest satisfaction.

The advantages of having organized information in preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is vital within the hospitality industry since all equipment should work efficiently and without any issue being spotted by the guest. To make it possible, maintenance technicians need to have access to a set of information from each equipment, such as:

  • Instruction manuals;
  • Intervention records;
  • Preventive maintenance calendar;
  • Equipment lifecycle data;

Due to the high volume of information in an hotel, it is only possible to ensure an efficient preventive maintenance if this information is properly organized.

A key advantage of organizing preventive maintenance information is the increase of reliability. By having access to the whole equipment record, both managers and maintenance technicians become better prepared for conscious decision making. Before Infraspeak, information was not always available or it was spread out and less trustful.

Maintenance as a strategic investment

Maintenance in an hotel should be faced as a strategic investment. Continuous investment in maintenance has a direct impact not only in hotels’ equipment and facilities, but also in guests’ experience.

An increase in available rooms, will generate more revenue and improve guests’ satisfaction. Equipment failures have a direct impact on operations, leading to bigger problems as it compromises customers’ loyalty and satisfaction. To minimize them, maintenance should be faced as an investment rather than an expense, once it reduces costs in both the medium and long term.

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