How important is a pool maintenance plan for your Hotel?

hotel pool maintenance

Pool maintenance is a headache to most hotel managers. If not done properly, it can easily become a big financial burden in the hotel’s budget and drain both managers and technicians time.

Why is pool maintenance so important to hotels?

If you manage a collective use facility, like an hotel, a gym or a sports centre, you have hundreds of people using your pool every day.

To offer an appealing pool to your users or guests and ensure they can benefit from it all year round, you need to follow a maintenance plan.

Truth is, only regular maintenance avoids accidents and the need of using chemicals as a fall-back solution.

By law, all facilities which contain a collective use pool must follow strict procedures, especially regarding preventive maintenance.

Effective preventive pool maintenance allows you to:

  • Keep the pool’s water crystal clear
  • Avoid harmful algae blooms
  • Prevent the proliferation of bacteria and other microorganisms
  • Prevent unwanted odors
Which kind of maintenance should you do?

Hotel pool maintenance interventions are composed by several tasks and differ according to the pool’s location and use intensity.

We have previously written about the benefits of preventive maintenance vs. corrective maintenance and hotel maintenance benefits tremendously from a focus on prevention.

If you have hundreds of people using your pool every day, water quality must be a key concern.

Executing systematic maintenance by checking and guaranteeing water quality standards is paramount since you do not want to gamble with your guests’ health.

Bottom line, regular and efficient pool maintenance saves hotels from unpredictable costs and improves guests’ satisfaction.

Does your hotel have a flawless pool maintenance plan?

Check our recommended from working with benchmark hotel chains like Intercontinental Hotels, Vila Galé and Holiday Inn Express, among others:

  • Every 4 hours:
    • Check pool chlorine or bromine level
    • Check water pH level
    • Check water temperature
  • Daily:
    • Remove dirt and organic debris
    • Check water level
  • Twice a week (or when visibly needed):
    • Clean the waterline
    • Hoover and brush the pool
  • Monthly:
    • Run a bacteriological analysis
    • Check alkalinity levels
    • Clean the water filters
    • Check the level of heavy metals and cyanuric acid


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