How to improve Hotel Maintenance duties?

Hotel maintenance

The success of the hotel industry depends essentially on customer satisfaction and on their overall stay experience. In addition to the quality of the facilities, it is up to the maintenance team to perform a wide range of tasks that help ensure the run of the operations and therefore result in happier and more pleasing customers. For this reason, and to simplify the technicians’ daily work, we have listed some points that will help answer the question: How to improve hotel maintenance duties?

1. Track assets

Hotel maintenance can only be done efficiently if technicians are aware of all existing equipment/assets and their exact location. They also need to be able to easily and quickly access detailed information about equipment, from the date of installation to the date of the last repair or replacement. NFC tags associated with maintenance software, for example, allow the team to identify, collect and record all asset information. They also enable, through a mobile application, to produce detailed reports and maintain/update data related to purchase, security, regulatory compliance or even Preventive Maintenance.

2. Optimize failures reporting

As soon as a failure is detected, it is essential that it be reported and resolved quickly. Besides the maintenance team, the remaining staff must also be able to record the non-conformities of the hotel. For example, in case of a customer mentioning a problem in the reception. By using maintenance management software such as Infraspeak, technicians can easily report failures by the mobile application, by reading the NFC tags and relating the type of failure to the equipment or location. Through Infraspeak Direct app, all other staff, housekeeping and even customers, can quickly register a failure either in the web or mobile version.

3. Improve response time

After the failure is detected and reported, it must be resolved as soon as possible to minimize equipment downtime. For the technician, it is crucial to know which are the prioritized tasks and whom they are assigned so that he can schedule and plan his time and work better. It is also important to have a good stock of materials and an easy way to communicate with the rest of the team.

In relation to the client, employees should always demonstrate the greatest interest in solving the situation, treating them with courtesy and education. Even Corrective Maintenance actions should be well planned to interfere as little as possible with guests’ normal activities.

4. Invest in Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance ensures that the equipment works in full conditions for much longer, with better performance and fewer failures. The main goal is to schedule a periodic monitoring of the equipment and to make detailed measurements, which guarantee the fullness of operations. Again, using NFC tags can be useful to track assets and plan maintenance efficiently. Find more here.

5. Invest in training

For the hotel maintenance team to do their best and the tasks are fully performed, it is essential to invest in personal and professional training. Besides predefined hours of coaching, it is important to invest in specialized courses or training that address current and industry-related topics. Some examples are environmental sustainability, tourism and hotel legislation, organization and management of maintenance, air conditioning and refrigeration, maintenance management of buildings, among others. Staff education/training is essential to optimize the response to customer and market demands.

6. Take advantage of technology

Embracing technology is the best way to boost operations efficiency and provide the answer to how to improve hotel maintenance duties. With the support of a maintenance management software it is possible to improve communication (between technicians, staff, managers and clients), schedule and plan tasks, optimize stocks, drive more appropriate decisions, increase productivity, simplify and organize work and reinforce business intelligence. All this will lead to an increase in the level of customer satisfaction.

If the service provided is really good and guests are satisfied, they are likely to repeat the stay, would recommend the hotel and would spread positive word-of-mouth. Some of the most important dimensions of satisfaction are undoubtedly the quality of the facilities and the quality of the service provided. Guests will consider whether the room is clean, whether the air conditioning system works properly, whether the Internet is available, whether the water is hot enough, etc., and how quickly any technical problems have been solved. At any time of the day or night, the key is that their problems are resolved quickly.

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