How to reduce Corrective maintenance?

How to reduce corrective maintenance?

As we have already seen before, Corrective maintenance may be more appropriate for certain equipment and scenarios (check it here). But even in these situations, it is possible to better manage your interventions. With this in mind, we’ve made a list to help you reduce Corrective maintenance:

  • Provide the appropriate tools

Working tools are essential for personal and collective use, so that all staff can act quickly and effectively. Using maintenance management software might be a suitable solution, as it can make available all the manuals and documents referring to equipment and facilities in a single place and of easy access. It also brings together important reports, integration with other systems, advanced monitoring or prediction capabilities, which can help technicians to do their job better;

  • Improve your team

Do your best to work with qualified technicians, trained to act quickly and efficiently in all types of failures and possible breaks. Coaching or extra vocational training are just some ideas that might be implemented. It is really important that the team is motivated and works hard to achieve the same goals. This will lead to more failures solved successfully and less likely to repeat;

  • Educate the staff

Any user inside the organization might carry out failure reporting. Non-maintenance staff should also be able to detect potential maintenance issues and report them as, for example, an unusual noise during machine operation may signal a potential failure. To solve this issue, staff can use maintenance software. This will make it easier for managers to assign the most appropriate technician for that particular problem;

  • Automate technician assignments

According to its type, failures should get automatically assigned to the most appropriate technician. For example, when occurs a failure in the electricity system, it should be automatically assigned to an electrician. If it is in the water system to a plumber, and so on;

  • Optimize the team’s workload

One good solution to carry out Corrective maintenance is to schedule tasks by analyzing work order data. This will allow to define what is a priority and, as we know, a more efficient maintenance team will provide workers more capacity and reduce unnecessary overtime;

  • Check and organize failures

It is important that the staff and managers can check, easily and anywhere, the failures list and their current status. They have to know exactly what has been done and what has to be done;

  • Keep a good stock

It is crucial to have a good stock of diverse parts of equipment and materials. Repairers need them at hand to carry out the repairs without loss of time;

  • Preserve assets

When corrective maintenance is done, the equipment should be inspected. This will help to identify the reason for the failure and to allow action to be taken to eliminate or reduce the frequency of future similar failures. Once again, maintenance management software as Infraspeak can ease the work of the technicians, since it allows them to consult, in e a easy and fast way, the late interventions and repeated failures. These inspections should definitely be included in the work plan.


Corrective maintenance is not always adequate, but it definitely does have its benefits. Depending on the maintenance level and the functions of the equipment, it might even be the best solution. Organizing Corrective maintenance operations will make you reduce downtime (and improve uptime), reduce overtime, reduce unexpected troubles, cut needless expenses and, after all, save a lot of money.

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to maintenance strategies. The solution might be considering the pros and cons of each and select the ones that are most suitable for your company. One of our most valuable advices is that Corrective maintenance is always used as something strategic, rather than catastrophic. This is the best way to define the proper work plan and allocations.

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