How to improve communication in Maintenance and Facility Management?

maintenance communication

Maintenance is crucial for every company and infrastructure, fact.

Flawless maintenance operations can predict and avoid failures of machines, facilities and equipment.

To keep operations efficient, you need to ensure that information flows smoothly between managers, technicians and customers.

We have previously written about the main types of maintenance and how the powerful NFC technology can take it to the next level. Today, we will focus on how to improve communication within maintenance operations.

Despite recent breakthroughs and disruptive technology arising in the field, information management and communication within maintenance teams is still messy. Often times, bad maintenance results are not the result of technical inability but rather poor communication and resources management.

Today, the main contributor to poor communication within maintenance teams is still paper. By using paper to manage maintenance operations you are dropping an huge administrative burden on your technicians.

At Infraspeak, we believe both technicians and maintenance managers should be 100% focused on their facilities and equipment maintenance operations instead of wasting time on dull administrative tasks and filing reports.

Besides paper, the lack of a central information repository also hampers communication. Instead of organizing information in a single platform where all data can be related and connected, it gets lost within paper, emails and phone calls.

While many maintenance and facility managers ignore the productivity loss caused by poor communication, it has a profound impact on their businesses’ performance.


Can you relate to any of these situations?

  • Low productivity
  • Task duplication
  • Low machine and equipment availability
  • Production delays
  • Missed deadlines
  • Unpredictable maintenance tasks
  • Lack of maintenance interventions record
  • Predominance of corrective maintenance
  • Little to no preventive maintenance
  • Huge administrative burden
  • Undetected failures

While none of these situations are pleasant for any company, they are often the result of poor communication and inefficient information management along the maintenance process of equipment and facilities.·


However, there is a way of ensuring a smooth flow of information within maintenance processes.

Infraspeak is a software platform allowing the simple and efficient communication between technicians, maintenance managers and customers.

Technicians replace paper with Infraspeak’s mobile app, where they can easily access all their equipment’s relevant information, from technical sheets to a record of past interventions. It replaces all the tedious administrative work and merges information in a single hub.

Maintenance managers don’t wait anymore for handwritten paper reports. With Infraspeak they are able to oversee and manage all maintenance interventions in real time, as well as:

  • See all their equipment’s information in a single place
  • Access a record of past interventions
  • Locate all their equipment in a map
  • Check scheduled interventions
  • Create automated intervention reports

Customers can use Infraspeak Direct to report failures on their equipment in real time, directly to your platform.

infraspeak direct maintenance

Ensuring instant communication between both your customers and technicians interfaces, you will dramatically reduce the volume of emails, phone calls and all the hassle of managing this communication by hand.

Bottom line, Infraspeak centralizes your maintenance communications in a single platform, ensuring a smooth flow of information, less administrative work and happier customers.

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