Infraspeak Operations: a simple and smart service operations management app

Infraspeak Operations

A small set of equipment may seem easy to manage, but whoever works with it on a daily basis knows the complexity that these tasks may have. Infraspeak Operations, one of Infraspeak’s premium apps, is a tablet-oriented interface designed for anyone who works with this small number of assets under management/supervision, but often needs to register inspection, cleaning or calibration tasks as well as reporting failures to the maintenance team.

What are the features of Infraspeak Operations?

In Infraspeak Operations it is possible to consult information about the locations and equipment associated with the operator, perform spontaneous or scheduled tasks, and register measurements. It is also possible to report, initiate the resolution and close failures in a simple, practical, and clear way, without the use of paper.

On the manager side, in the web interface, it is possible to plan and monitor in real time the evolution of the operators’ work, as well as consulting indicators related to their performance.

Where can Infraspeak Operations be used?

Any Infraspeak user who has little equipment under his management/supervision and has to often register the execution of tasks or measurements should choose Infraspeak Operations as an alternative to Infraspeak Direct or to Infraspeak App.

The cases are diverse and include scenarios so different as crane operators, chefs or banking agencies managers, so we explore some examples:


Whoever works in kitchens and bars can take advantage of Infraspeak Operations to register the temperatures of the ovens and refrigerators, making all obligations associated with HACCP and other regulations digital.

In addition, any problem or failure detected by the kitchen team can easily be reported to the maintenance team or technical assistance companies.


Managers, store or agencies receptionists can use Infraspeak Operations to track and register consumption of materials, water and energy measurements, as well as record small tasks and checklists. Infraspeak Operations also helps the manager to ensure the quality standards of the units by performing regular audits.


In industry, Infraspeak Operations is used by machine operators or production-line workers and allows them to quickly identify and report problems on their equipment. It also allows the registration of the execution of first and second level maintenance, such as cleanings, calibrations, and inspections.

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