Interview with Santa Claus — how Infraspeak helped his Factory

Pai Natal Infraspeak

Being a magical and legendary figure doesn’t always mean that everything works without issues. Santa Claus, for instance, reached out to Infraspeak to solve multiple problems that threatened to leave millions of children without Christmas presents. All because of failures and unexpected events at the Factory.

To find out the result of having adopted Infraspeak, we have interviewed Santa Claus — Owner and Maintenance Manager of the Factory — a few hours before the presents’ delivery, in his office.

Infraspeak: Good evening, Santa Claus! Thank you for being available for this interview.

Santa Claus: The pleasure’s all mine! But please note that it’s noon right now; not the evening. There’s no sunshine here this time of year, but it’s a lovely day. Don’t you think?

Infraspeak: Sure! Let’s talk about what brought us here, then. What would you say were the main problems that motivated you to reach out to us?

Santa Claus Well… everything was wrong. Since we didn’t have a preventive maintenance plan, there were too many failures to fix at Christmas time, with so much work to do. The elves usually spent more time fixing failures than building toys, and that had to stop!

The machines were frequently stopped, but failures in the reindeer were the worse! Sometimes, when we were about to take off, some of them were injured. When the number of available reindeer was odd, I had to leave a healthy reindeer behind, or else we’d just go around in circles because there were more reindeer on the left side. Hypothetically, of course… that never happened. What did happen is we left many children without presents due to problems in the factory: broken machines, missing parts… just a mess!

Infraspeak: What about with Infraspeak?

Santa Claus: Much, much better! Now I rarely find 5 elves making a pyramid to reach the highest equipment because there are fewer failures and all interventions are more thoroughly planned.

For instance, all reindeer are now identified with an NFC tag; the maintenance elves can easily get all relevant information and intervention history, and the reindeer are much more well-kept all year round.

Infraspeak: Is there any difference regarding the use of paper in the Factory?

Santa Claus: The difference is the size of an iceberg! Before Infraspeak, everything — from work schedules to intervention reports — was registered on wrapping paper. It took up too much space, it tore too easily and it was all illegible when we wrote on the colorful side!

Infraspeak: Have you never thought of using white, normal paper… instead of wrapping paper?

Santa Claus: No! There’s absolutely no need for paper with Infraspeak! Nothing!

Infraspeak: No, I mean before Infraspeak.

Santa Claus: [pause] Well, that’s all in the past, now! Infraspeak is the future! Now everything is stored in the system. Children no longer receive presents wrapped in paper that has a record of interventions in the conveyor, badly covered by Christmassy patterns. That happened sometimes.

Infraspeak: Is there any other aspect you’d like to highlight?

Santa Claus: Communication also improved incredibly. Before Infraspeak, the elves didn’t use any technology for communication; they only communicated verbally and in person — or… “in elf”, Ho! Ho! Ho!

Everyone was always yelling. And there was so much misunderstood information because they can’t speak very well and my hearing, as you can imagine, is not the best at 1748 years old. Now they report everything through the app, all information is in Infraspeak, their tasks are there as well… everything is simpler and silent.

Infraspeak: Very well. So, to close the interview — how was the onboarding?

Santa Claus: It was super simple. The Infraspeak team spent many hours with us at the factory listing all the equipment in the app. Two weeks later, every elf was reporting failures in Infraspeak Direct. We tried to make reindeers report failures too, but unfortunately, the smartphones’ touch screens don’t work with hooves.

Infraspeak: Is there any final comment you’d like to make?

Santa Claus: Infraspeak is an amazing solution. We’ve implemented it in this factory in the North Pole, and also in the lesser-known branch in the South Pole, with a penguin-powered sleigh. The penguins are already identified with waterproof NFC tags as well.

Infraspeak: Thank you very much for your time, Santa! We hope we can continue to help you with this beautiful mission of yours.

Santa Claus: No, we thank you! Infraspeak is like an elf to us — it’s part of the family! HO! HO! HO!

Merry Christmas!

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