Why having a maintenance management app is great

Why having a maintenance management app is great

Maintenance management is an ever-evolving industry, with technological advances constantly being introduced in the field and more agility, speed, and practicality being demanded of the maintenance teams.

Going mobile (by having a CMMS with an integrated mobile app) is the key. Being able to use their day-to-day tools, such as smartphones or tablets, in their job and having much faster access the information that they need are great advantages to maintenance teams, which constantly need to be on-the-move around the facilities.

Here’s why a mobile CMMS app is extremely beneficial to maintenance teams (and, in particular, to technicians):

1. Shortened reaction time

A mobile app will contribute to reducing the reaction time of your maintenance team. First of all, comes failure reporting – a manager or technician with an app on their smartphone can instantly register new equipment failures and associate them with the equipment, which should be listed on the system.

This reporting is usually made using barcodes, QR codes or even NFC tags identifying every piece of equipment, which are then read using the phone’s camera or NFC hardware.

Then, comes the notification time. There’s no need for calls, emails or even physically looking for a specific technician to handle a failure that has shown up. If the designated technician has the app installed on their smartphone, they’ll be automatically notified about the failure and its details.

With some CMMSs, the technician won’t even need to open the app to see a new failure – they’ll immediately receive a push notification on their home screen, speeding up the process even more. Sophisticated, isn’t it?

2. All information centralized

At the beginning of each day, maintenance technicians need to know their work schedules, the list of failures they need to solve, the preventive tasks to be executed, and more. They can have all of this from different sources and registered in different files, spreadsheets or actually printed… or they can just have an app.

A mobile CMMS app will not only make all of this information accessible to technicians in one single convenient place, but it will also provide an internal messaging system for them to communicate directly with managers or one another.

3. Much faster access to equipment information

When the barcodes, QR codes or NFC tags in equipment are read by a technician using the mobile app, it can provide them with every information they need about the equipment, including technical sheets, instruction manuals, intervention history, associated documents, among other data.

Performing maintenance routines is therefore made much easier with an app, as well as keeping complete and accurate records on assets and interventions

4. Real-time information update

For companies without a CMMS, it’s not uncommon for technicians to be required to update a spreadsheet at the end of the day, reporting the tasks that they’ve made until then.

But have you thought that (1) the quality of the information provided might decrease due to the time that has passed between the intervention and the report; and that (2) it can be harmful for the manager, in terms of decision-making, not to be able to see the progress that’s being made until the end of the day or even the next day?

A technician with a CMMS app on their smartphone can easily log all activity and communicate to the manager all the work that they’re doing. Additionally, the fact that information is updated in real-time and not at the end of the day will help the manager have a much better overview of the progress of operations and the performance of each technician, and thus better-informed decisions ensue.

5. Adding multimedia files

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video might very well be worth a thousand pictures. So it can very useful to have multimedia files, namely photos, videos or instruction manuals, associated with equipment or failures reported in your CMMS, in order to better illustrate what the problems are, avoiding frequently misunderstood verbal explanations.

All of that can be directly added from the technician’s or manager’s smartphone using a CMMS app. The files will be stored in the system and easily accessible by the managers or other technicians responsible for the failures or equipment concerned.

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Sounds good?

As you can see, many common problems with maintenance teams can be efficiently solved by having a CMMS that offers handy mobile applications.

If, after reading this, you have identified some points on your maintenance management process that can be improved on with this kind with a system like this, you should know more about Infraspeak and our Mobile App.

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