How to make the most of fairs and exhibitions

How to make the most of fairs and exhibitions

In large fairs and events, it is common for visitors and exhibitors to feel a little “lost” with so many things happening at the same time. For this reason, it is important to prepare before the event, carefully read the schedule, and arrange your agenda and mood for the activities that lie ahead.

We selected some “pre-event” tips that we follow here:

Prepare your schedule

Select all the events you are interested in and point them out in your calendar with the location, time and involved names. Even if there is conflict with other appointments, such as a meeting already scheduled with a client, it is important to always have this information to consult it when you have an opportunity. If a meeting is postponed, you may be able to watch that talk you wanted.

Explore the exhibitor/visitor area on the site

When you register at the fair, you have access to the exhibitor or visitor area, with exclusive or advanced information. Be sure to check:
– Which companies from the same area as yours will attend the event;
– Which companies from the area of your customers will attend the event;
– Are the “big names” in your industry on the list? Where can you find them?

Have a clear goal

Fairs provide many opportunities, but you can’t embrace them all so set a clear goal and move on. If you are looking for inspiration for your business, take advantage of the innovation and culture talks. If the goal is to win new customers, focus on your stand and talk to everyone that passes by (you never know when the CEO of a large company/chain will be walking undercover). If the idea is to close partnerships, walk around with your material in hands, by the stands around (and away) from yours.

Use the social networks

Before, during and after the event! Look for the official hashtags on Twitter and on Instagram, tags on LinkedIn. Talk and know what others are talking about.

Graphic materials are important, but they are not everything.

Roll-ups, brochures, business cards… everything helps to tell the story of your company and your product. But they should not be the main attraction of the stand. The great advantage of being in a fair is talking to visitors and other exhibitors so do not just distribute flyers.

And don’t forget: follow up is essential. Take a few hours after the event to follow up with the people you met and exchanged contacts. Whether you’re adding them to LinkedIn, sending emails with more information about your business, or just a “Hello!” message. The important thing is to be remembered.

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