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Marketing & Content Executive HIRED!

Do you love simplicity? (hint: we love it)

If you do, say hi! You may be the team member we are looking for to help us make the world (or at least the technical operations world) simple, smart and fun.

About Infraspeak

Infraspeak is a fully-modular platform developed to streamline technical operations, like maintenance, quality audits, stock, fleet, building and asset management, and more. We use the most advanced web, mobile, API and IoT technologies to radically increase control and productivity of our customers, reducing bureaucracy, risks, and costs.

We were born in Porto, Portugal, and in three years in the market, we are growing fast, with customers in Europe, South America and Africa, and investors in Portugal and USA, so we want to invest in our team to speed up the growth.

  • We believe in meritocracy, holacracy and ownership;
  • We believe only great teams can build great products (and that customers are part of our team);
  • We believe happiness should be in the journey, not only in the destination;
  • Everything we do must be simpler and smarter.

About the Role

We are looking for a Marketing & Content Executive who would love to help us develop our content strategy: creating, editing and writing interesting content pieces for our customers and prospects that includes blog articles, case studies, videos, infographics, landing pages, websites, special campaigns, PR actions, and more. There will be plenty of space for “out of the box” campaigns, so lateral thinking is very valuable.

You will be a member of our Growth team tasked with the attraction, qualification, and acquisition of new customers, as well as maintaining and supporting the existing ones.

The ideal candidate must be self-directed and a fast learner, flexible enough to adapt himself and the tactics based on the feedback from the market.

  • Attract, nurture and enchant customers and prospects through awareness tactics.
  • Lead Brand, PR and Social Media initiatives.
  • Ninja skills in copywriting. (Interest in technical copy is very cool for us, also)
  • Curious about what is going on with SEO.
  • Have some experience in WordPress, publishing content and creating pages.
  • Know how to deal with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator is an extra.
  • Keep learning: learn new technologies/techniques and don’t be afraid of trying something new
  • Grammar nazi in European Portuguese and English (additional languages are a valuable extra)
  • Be a team member with management skills (you will lead a team of writers and translators)

What do we offer?

  • A start-up environment, where you will see the company (and yourself) grow beyond small team to become a worldwide leader
    in the field (some people call ambition, we call it focus);
  • A nurturing environment, at Founders Founders, right next to some of the top start-ups in Porto, Portugal;
  • Flexible working hours and a competitive salary + bonus.

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