Modernization challenges of Technical Assistance

Modernization challenges in technical assistance

Technical Assistance, like other areas, is constantly evolving and has undergone changes over time. For both technicians and managers, it is essential to restructure work methods and adapt them to new realities. In this article, we have gathered the main challenges of modernization of Technical Assistance.

1. Manage large teams

Technical Assistance companies usually involve a large team, which makes the work of managers more difficult. One of the great challenges is then to plan the agenda and bond the high number of technicians and the high number of clients of the company. In this scenario, it is very important to ensure that everyone knows what they have to do and when, where to go, what material is needed, what equipment they will intervene, among others.

Ideally, all information should be centralized and easy to access, such as using automation software such as Infraspeak. In addition to the organization and distribution of tasks, when the intervention is completed, all the steps are recorded in the system. Examples are the time taken for resolution or the type/quantity of material used.

With the support of automated software it is even possible to create automatic reports and the manager can quickly move forward with the process (for example with billing) without having to wait for the technician to complete the report at the end of the day or even the week. In addition to optimizing the speed of operations, it prevents technicians from forgetting to record all the actions and details of the intervention.

2. Monitor the evolution of equipment

With technological evolution, the equipment has become increasingly modern and specific. This requires 100% qualified technicians with direct and easy access to all existing information about the machines. The solution can be the availability of an aggregator platform, where managers can upload all the information and is automatically available for technical consultation.

In addition, it is very important to have a trained and well-organized team, to optimize time (and money), and the work tasks.

3. Maintain interest in the area

Technical Assistance is a work that, at first sight, may seem monotonous, time-consuming and with numerous logistical obstacles. For this reason, it is essential to modernize the area and to show the new generations that it is following the progress that has been made over the last years.

As we know, from generation to generation the tools and the behaviors change, and the main factor of change of the last times has been technology. With this support, Technical Assistance can become a pleasant, easy-to-manage, intuitive and simple work.

4. Energy efficiency and sustainability

Equipment that is not monitored throughout its life cycle tends to degrade more easily. Among the different failures or malfunctions, we can deal with water losses, electric currents, among others, that have a negative impact on the environment.

Sustainable practices are increasingly important and welcome in any area, and Technical Assistance is no exception. Preventive Maintenance, carried out with the support of automation software, promotes these values and should be adopted whenever possible and whenever it is the most appropriate. Regular equipment monitoring helps prevent unplanned events and unexpected large-scale failures, which can have an overwhelming impact on the environment.

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