Challenges faced when planning operations in complex teams

Managing big maintenance teams is a constant challenge. Assuring team efficiency demands dealing with complex tasks that involve work assignment, stock management, technicians on the go, customer relationships, people management and many other major issues.

In this scenario, reducing the administrative workload is paramount to free up managers time and allow them to focus on team performance, customer satisfaction and business development.

But how can you reduce bureaucracy and simplify team management?

The first step is planning maintenance interventions appropriately. If armed with an organized weekly schedule, technicians clearly see what they need to do and act more efficiently by predicting unexpected issues or problems.

On top of this, managers can optimize customer visits and the use of materials by planning interventions ahead, avoiding wasted time on overlapping trips and leveraging past experience of a given technician to solve similar issues.

By having full understanding of their team and available resources, managers can increase operational performance.

Which tools help me planning interventions ahead?

Today, many maintenance managers are still using a combination of traditional calendars and Excel files to manage their schedule of their teams. However, this methods have long become obsolete and end up undermining maintenance performance.

With the managers’ daily routines in mind and the challenges they face when scheduling tasks and organizing complex teams, Infraspeak recently launched a new module: Infraspeak Planner.

In a simple and user-friendly interface, close to the calendars they use every day, managers see all scheduled interventions for a given week and are able to assign (through a drag-and-drop feature) each one to a technician. Among other details that increase the performance of big teams, this allows the manager to organize different customer visits at the same time.

By using maintenance management tools, as Infraspeak, companies reduce the time spent by managers in bureaucratic tasks, freeing up time to develop their business and to make their customers happier.

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