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What do they say?

Our customers love Infraspeak and we do everything to make their life better!

“We managed to acquire new customers and increase our revenue.”

– Pedro Ribeiro, AVAC Piquet

“Infraspeak saves us 80% of administrative work.”

– Carlos Martins, FEUP

“Infraspeak’s app brings improved efficiency and effectiveness to maintenance management, handling of requests and failure resolution.”

– Ana Ester Silva, Siemens

“Infraspeak’s offline mode is an huge advantage for our technicians in locations with poor network coverage.”

– Raquel Ribeiro, Opertec

“We improved customer satisfaction by providing instant and accurate maintenance reports.”

– Domingos Moreira, Pragkill

“Infraspeak made reporting failures more intuitive and it’s a perfect example of how technology adapts to the needs of companies and teams.”

– Manuela Torres, Unilabs

“Housekeeping quickly adapted to Infraspeak. Today, of all failures reported in Infraspeak Direct, 70% of them are created by the housekeeping team.”

– Filipe Soares, InterContinental