Overcoming the Top 5 hotel operation challenges with Infraspeak for Hotels


Top 5 hotel operation challenges

Managers are daily confronted with numerous challenges in hotel management: tireless maintenance calls, bureaucracies, costs, etc. We talked with some of our customers to better understand the pitfalls they face and set a Top 5, along with the solutions that met these challenges and made our managers’ routine much simpler and smarter.

Top 5 hotel operation challenges

1. Time to solve failures

Failures resolution time is a crucial factor in hotel maintenance and has a direct impact on guest satisfaction and billing. A room with broken items means a room that is not available, and a locked hotel unit represents less business generated.

Reducing the time between failure reporting and resolution is critical to ensure the quality and speed of maintenance services. With the failures management of Infraspeak for Hotels, the technician has quick access to all reported failures and can report himself if he identifies any faults during the maintenance routine.This module also contains all the information the technician needs to perform the task: equipment history, stock, documents and warranties, and more.

2. Administrative work

The excess of administrative work was reported by our clients as one of the biggest challenges in the routine of technical operations. For example, the accumulation of work orders printed on the table – stacked while awaiting prioritization and approval – as well as periodic reports that are difficult to draw up based only on Excel files and paper sheets. None of this helps the manager to make his work more practical and efficient.

Infraspeak for Hotels is a paper-free platform where everything is stored in the cloud and it is easily accessible through the smartphone or computer. The failures management is exclusively carried out online, without exchanges of papers or files by email, and the reports and indicators can be directly checked on the platform or downloaded by the management interface.

3. Calls and Interruptions

Other points that hamper management operations are interruptions to bureaucratic requests or centralized manager information and maintenance calls. The issues are often repeated and/ or quite simple, which can easily be checked and managed directly at Infraspeak for Hotels. For example, the serial number and model of the equipment. There is no need to call administration to access the certificates or asset documents since the technician can check everything on the smartphone screen.

4. Communication between teams

Communication between housekeeping, maintenance team, management and other staff is a daily challenge for hospitality. Not only as a way to speed up the failures reporting, but also to give feedback to the team and customers that the operations have been followed or that the failure has already been resolved. Infraspeak for Hotels allows the exchange of messages among all staff. Through Infraspeak Direct, an exclusive application for the reporting of failures, it is possible to exchange messages and impressions between managers, technicians, and receptionists.

5. High cost of operations

Since it is apparently a difficult problem to solve, the high cost of maintenance often makes impossible new projects or the implementation of more detailed preventive maintenance. However, with Infraspeak for Hotels, the manager can make reductions from small costs, such as paper prints, until see the team’s productivity increase and thus optimize the cost/ time of the professionals.

Controlling consumption is also a way to reduce operations costs. For each task requiring material consumption, the technician and the team record in the application how much was used, always synchronized with the stock. This allows the manager to read in the asset report how much was consumed in the total period and whether this represents an increase or decrease, cutting out wastage and better taking advantage of more efficient equipment.

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