7 ways to increase Hotel Maintenance Management

Hotel Maintenance Management

The maintenance team in a hotel is often responsible for the quality of services and processes that support the business. From reducing operating costs to improving energy efficiencies or keeping the rooms clean, there are a lot of task that they are responsible for.

The management main goal is to always find new and more efficient practices that can optimize the work operations – make it easier and smarter – and improve the global satisfaction of the customers.

With all these points in mind, we’ve gathered seven tips that will help to increase maintenance management in hotels.

1. Hotel maintenance management software

The first step to carry on an effective maintenance program is to work on the ability to ease and/or automate manual processes. As we all know, hotel maintenance management is a full time job that takes a lot of time and effort and that mainly depends on people. With hotel software, it is possible to win time, gather all the information in a unique platform, and avoid using paper checklists to follow whether tasks are (or have to be) completed.

The most important purpose is to structure and track all the hotel’s routine maintenance activities efficiently.

2. Guarantee staff communication

Processes become more efficient when the staff is able to share information. Message groups and/or applications should be used, as they allow the hotel employees to communicate work requests and work orders directly to hotel maintenance management.

As the staff directly works with customers, they can relay their needs, saving time and improving guest services while keeping management informed. This will improve the team’s daily routine and even their productivity.

3. Improve scheduling and calendars

It is not always easy for the hotel managers to guarantee preventive maintenance and to go ahead with routine inspections. When this doesn’t run smoothly, it might result in equipment breakdowns and/or damage to property left unrepaired for days.

Scheduling tools allow assigning periodically and daily tasks and make the team more organized and proactive. This regular planning minimizes surprises and emergency repairs in equipment or places, as you can easily access information on what has been done and on upcoming preventive maintenance interventions.

4. Speed up failures resolution

When the team recognizes a maintenance problem, they have to report it so the managers allow the works. This cycle should be optimized and made up as fast as possible. A centralized platform would help to speed up the process and to access and control reports on the status of both open and solved failures. Also managers, technicians and customers should be able to report failures, as they all directly deal with them.

5. Streamline housekeeping

It is crucial to maintain high standards when it comes to cleanliness, organization, amenities, ambiance and functionality in hotels. Housekeeping is one of the top concerns when choosing a hotel to stay and if it surpasses the customer expectations, he is likely to return and spread good word of mouth.

To streamline this fundamental task, the staff should have access to automated lists, knowing exactly what to do and where, combining with other points on this list, such as agility in reporting failures or having a planned agenda. Get to know more here.

6. Track equipment

Efficient maintenance is only possible if managers are aware of the equipment and assets present in the hotel and where they are located. Details such as description, installation date, costs, serial number or expected useful life, should also be easily consulted, and once you can track the equipment, maintenance will automatically get more efficient.

With Infraspeak, technicians can learn everything about an asset just by touching the NFC tag with the smartphone, already equipped with this technology.

7. Control the stock

Maintenance managers need to strictly control the stock in order to handle and/or reduce costs and to better plan and allocate the budget.

The easiest way to do it is by using an operations management application that generates reports on the consumption during the execution of the work, directly relating to the stock available in the program.

Talk to us and learn how Infraspeak can improve your hotel maintenance management and help your business remain competitive in a global and growing marketplace.

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