What are the benefits of preventive maintenance vs. corrective maintenance?

Many maintenance managers still spend most of their time and resources on corrective maintenance, ignoring the benefits that preventive maintenance can bring.

Although the concepts of corrective and preventive maintenance are part of the day-to-day of a maintenance manager, many still face the preventive maintenance as an unnecessary additional cost, which is not true. In fact, preventive maintenance, when well planned can extensively reduce the overall maintenance costs and increase the productivity of equipment and facilities.

As we know, corrective maintenance is usually performed after the occurrence of a malfunction or failure in a equipment. However, a significant percentage of these failures can be avoided if the maintenance manager performs the necessary preventive maintenance.

Through preventive maintenance, technicians and maintenance managers can reduce the degradation of their equipment, by extending their lifespan and avoiding corrective interventions, which generate high costs and have a negative impact on its customers.

The corrective maintenance, that will always be necessary, ends up having the greatest financial impact on the maintenance budget, since it can lead to prolonged suspension of machinery activity and can even culminate on the unavailability of a production line, hotel room or other services.

The main advantage of having a preventive maintenance plan is the ability to prevent these situations, by timely replacing used components, preserving and restoring all the necessary parts. For this, it is recommended to use a maintenance management software, as Infraspeak, where the maintenance manager can:

  • Improve the technical and operational condition of the equipment;
  • Reduce the degradation of equipment;
  • Reduce the risk of equipment failure;
  • Program prevention work;
  • Perform repairs on favorable conditions to the operation
  • Reduce costs;
  • Extend the life of equipment;
  • Reduce the impact on the client/user;

A preventive maintenance plan is ideal when a maintenance manager can prevent any malfunction of his equipment or can, at least, predict and plan for this failure so it has the least possible impact on the users.

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